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Dogs do not understand shouting and screaming, all they need is the right look with the right energy and your dog will understand you the best! I'll show you what I mean by my videos

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How to train your dog - My (Proven) way!

Almost everyone desires a pet - many prefer a dog, and most of us understand that having a dog brings a source of endless love and joy into our life.

My name is Samuel and through this website, I will share with you all of my proven training experience in dog obedience.  It works like magic!I will upload videos demonstrating my techniques and will share training tips that have helped me throughout my life, I'm not a professional Dog-Trainer but I am showing you moves that helped me with my dogs in my life.

In the next section, you will meet my best friend “Timon”.  He is a year and a half old and is a Belgian malinois/ miniature schnauzer mix.  He is very smart and very beautiful but then again, what dog isn’t?